Prayers for those in the Caribbean

My heart is so heavy tonight for those in Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba and other islands in the Caribbean.  Hurricane Matthew is a massive, slow moving storm that is going to have devastating effects on these islands.  In Haiti, people have just been informed of the storm in the last day or so.  There is no where for people to evacuate, prep for the storm did not occur, and power has already been cut.  I’m so sad for the parents who will try to keep their children safe, the flooding that will occur, and the lives that will be lost.  I am praying for God’s protection over all of these people, for fast recovery efforts, and help from neighboring countries.


love, brooke



When I was little, birthdays were the BEST day ever.  It felt like a non-stop day all about you… birthday pancakes for breakfast, a special crown to wear at school for the day, a birthday treat from home to share with your class, ice cream after school, whatever dinner you wanted for dinner and a big iced cake for dessert.  Then, you usually had some kind of “big” celebration with your friends- either a party, spend the night, or special experience.  Things have changed a bit as I have gotten older.

Now, there seems to be less emphasis on the day and more on the days around it.  For instance, this year my birthday fell on a Monday- which makes it difficult for celebrating with friends on that day.  So, don’t worry- I started celebrating 9 days earlier with a trip to the GA coast with good friends.  We enjoyed cupcakes on the dock one afternoon and a delicious dinner that evening.  Five days later, we celebrated again at a football tailgate.  Two of our tailgating buds also have my same birthday, so each year we plan something special to celebrate during a tailgate.  Three days later, my family had an impromptu lunch celebration complete with my favorite cake baked in Augusta.  Then, on my actual birthday, my husband took me out to a swanky dinner for a birthday date night.

For me, I like the more spread out celebrations.  It allows me to see more people, spend time with them, and have numerous cakes (HAHA!).  If I would have had a BIG party with all of those people, there is no way I would have been able to talk to everyone as much as I did over the last two weeks.  The celebration of me is nice, but when I look at my life overall, I am most grateful for many good friends, a healthy family, and time to spend with all of them.

What kind of birthday celebration(s) do you prefer and why?

love, brooke