God loves to show us his sense of humor by repeatedly choosing the unequipped to do His mighty works throughout the Bible.  In my opinion, Moses is the biggest example of this.  He was a murderer, had a studder, and did not have leadership skills.  This coupled with his lack of confidence definitely made him the least likely candidate to lead the Isrealites out of slavery in Egypt.  Even after he was called, he tried repeatedly to tell God no.

God still uses unlikely candidates to do His work.  I had a 5 month old baby, was suffering from post partum depression, and felt called to start a ministry to support refugee baby needs.

I tried to shirk the call for several months.  Why me?  I’m a new mom, struggling with nursing, and not sleeping much.  Why would God call me to do something like helping others?

Four years later, I see it more clearly.  I was in an emotional state to be able to relate to other moms.  I knew how expensive formula was.  I knew how many diapers my son needed each day.  And I knew all of this was expensive… And my husband had a well paying job.  If it was a struggle for us, I can’t imagine how difficult these expenses could be for a family who was struggling financially, didn’t have many resources but had babies that need care.

God worked in many ways to help start this ministry.  He gave me many wonderful friends who were happy to donate and get it off the ground.  They helped clean our space in my basement for storage.  We’d meet monthly to organize donations, package them for distribution, and figure out how to cast a bigger net for more donations.  Over the years, the ministry moved into our church and has grown to serve more and more families each month.  Now, donations come from all over our community and church.  God has provided for so many through this ministry and I’m glad he chose me to be a part of it.

God knows His plans but needs us to be his hands and feet.  How has God called you to do His work?

love, brooke

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