Anyone that knows me well, knows that I love wearing the least amount of clothing as possible.  Yes, that sounds scandalous- but I just hate cold weather.  Wearing pants, socks, boots, sweater, jacket, hat, gloves, scarf and ear muffs is exhausting- even typing this sentence is wearing me out.  This Christmas, I got the special treat of wearing cut off shorts and a t-shirt- while outside- all day long.  Oh, and no shoes- just straight up barefoot.  I was SO stinkin happy.

I also shot a gun.  It has been probably 25 years since I shot a gun- but boy do I still have it.  I’m a rootin-tootin-tin-can-shootin-gal.  I showed my dad, husband, and brother-in-law how it’s done.  They set harder and harder targets for me- but I hit each one.  Seriously, 100% accuracy.  Who am I???  I live in a townhouse in the middle of a major metropolitan area… But if you put me on a back porch on the Savannah River, in cutoffs, no shoes, and a pony tail, I can out shoot some serious deer hunters.

There, now you know that I’m a warm-weather-loving-scantily-clad-gun-shootin-gal.

Merry Christmas y’all!

laugh and love, brooke

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