I think one of the biggest misconceived notions about Christianity is that one can never question God.  FALSE.

The only way to grow as individuals (mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually) is to question what we believe.  Our life experiences shape our views of the world, others, and ourselves.  It’s important to always be evolving and know that you are never a finished product.  This is especially true in the eyes of God.

Many people think that questioning God is not allowed.  On the contrary, I think God wants us to question him so He can prove his love to us, make us trust him more, understand that He sees the biggest picture, and has so much more control than we ever will.  Sometimes we may get an answer right away.  Other times it make take years.  Sometimes we never know.

As someone who is actively seeking a daily relationship with God, I can certainly say that I have lots of questions.  My faith journey can be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride.  Sometimes I am in sync with walking with God- if I obey, he rewards.  Other times I can be down in the pits and not understanding why bad things happen to good people and be angry with God.  However, when I look back over my life, I see great strides being made in my spiritual life during difficult personal times.  I see God putting encouraging people in my life when I was having such a difficult time.  I see my self esteem as child of God being strengthened when I feel I am at my lowest points.

God wants us to question Him so we can grow in our faith.  The biggest part of this journey, though, is realizing we have to continue to communicate with him.  We can’t cut him out of our lives and expect growth to happen.  Even if we are upset, we still have to talk to Him and tell Him so.  If we don’t understand, are blaming Him, or just straight up mad, He begs that we continue sharing with Him.  Detaching from God all together is going to make spiritual growth much more difficult during that time.

So, question away- just make sure you are questioning God to His face and give him the opportunity to help you grow on your journey.

love, brooke

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