Our world is in a sea of craziness right now and it’s been very easy to get bogged down in it emotionally.  There is so much divisiveness and false information that it has become a challenge to figure out which way is up and which is down.  When I find myself sinking in bad news, it often takes some time to shake my way out of it.  But, for me, the fastest way is to seek gratitude in all situations.

Sometimes this can be very hard.  Sometimes it can come in a very small prayer each morning… dear God, thank you for making the sun come up and giving me another day on this earth.

Sometimes it can be easier.  Dear God, thank you for my beautiful life, my loving husband, for fantastic friends, and for loving me unconditionally.

I don’t think God minds the difference in these two prayers.  He is grateful to hear from (little ole’) me each morning- especially if I can find things to be thankful for even though my mind is stuck in a cloud of uncertainty.

When I look back over the events of the last two weeks, my knee jerk reactions were sadness, anger, and concern.  But now, I see some gratitude sprinkled in there.  I see people coming together to speak out against injustice, people donating large amounts of money to support others, and unlikely legislators starting to use their powerful voices to go against the negativity flow.  I see neighborhoods making signs welcoming refugee children back to their public schools.  I see friendships being strengthened by grieving hurt feelings together.  I see churches preaching the message of Jesus loving everyone to ignite their congregation to do His work.

For all of these things, I am grateful.

Life is much fuller when we can experience the ups and downs of it with gratitude.

love, brooke

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