Lent Days 19-21

19- Junk in the Trunk

I drive my car almost every single day but I never think about cleaning out the trunk.  I just drive it full of random things all over this great city.  But, on Friday, while at the car wash (where I clean the rest of my car twice a month), I finally showed my trunk some love.  I managed to clean out the trash, move a few things around, and get out the unecessary items.  AND it got some vacuum love.  Feels good to have a little less junk in my trunk!

Day 20- Spiritual Reorganizing

We spent a wonderful weekend on our church retreat.  It was nice to give my brain a day off from decision fatigue (a common issue for most mothers).  It was nice to have someone else cook for me, do the dishes, plan activities for my son, and allow me time to focus on my own spiritual life.  We had a couple of sessions that forced us to examine our spiritual lives to determine where we are strongest and where we should focus more attention to become more well rounded.

Day 21-

That was today- and even though I cleaned up some, did laundry and exercised twice- I have nothing to report except my prayer journaling is going well and my no phone in the car efforts aren’t going well.  Back to tucking it farther away tomorrow.  You can always count on me to keep it real.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

love, brooke



I saw this meme several months ago and it really resonated with me.  We are all so addicted to our phones… and many for very few reasons… except that it’s become the norm to always have your phone out and easily accessible.

After I saw this meme, I started taking note of social situations when I did not care where my phone was while I was with my friends.  It felt good to have deep conversations, share laughs, and enjoy a meal without ever consulting my phone.  It also made that friendship seem so much more valuable to me… just because of this little reminder meme.

I love investing in others, sharing truth with them and building an honest relationship.  To me, friendships are the icing (my favorite part) of a life cupcake.  They cause me to look forward to sharing a meal, celebrating life’s exciting parts, and be trusted enough to share the hard parts too.

Remember to take note of where you are and who you are with the next time you don’t care what is going on with your phone.  Build that friendship more and more and your life will be more blessed because of it than it will be by checking your phone.

learn and love, brooke

Lent Day 16-18

Man have I been slacking!  We’ve had some family issues this week to work through plus I haven’t felt 100% so the blogging has suffered- to make up for it, I’m catching up tonight and writing a new (separate post).  Ah, feels good to get back on the wagon!

The last three days I’ve done minimal organizing- picking up random home appliances and putting them back in their home closet, sorting laundry into wash/drycleaning piles, and re-organizing my junky kitchen table/recycling pile.  Feels better to have things less cluttered.

On another Lent note, my prayer journaling is going well and staying consistent.  I’m enjoying that activity as an evening relaxation tool as I prep for bed time.

How are your Lenten activities going?

Love, brooke


Gratitude in the Smallest Details

As you know, I have been doing a daily prayer journal during the Lent.  I am beginning to notice that I am finding gratitude in the smallest details and thanking God for them in those moments.

In general, I know we are all thankful for our food and usually bless it before each meal.  But, a friend of mine got me thinking about that food.  Someone had to grow it, someone had to process it, someone had to package it, someone had to deliver it, someone had to stock the shelves, someone had to accept my payment for it, and then it came to my house to be consumed.  That is a lot of somebodies to help get that food on my plate.

Many nights when I am warm and tucked into bed, I give God thanks for my house.  It is safe, dry, and warm.  But, if I go deeper with the gratitude, I am reminded that it has running water, nice furniture, plenty of linens, a gas fireplace, is in a safe location, and we have nice neighbors.

Last week, I was headed out the door to our garage take my son to school (like I do 5 days a week).  I saw my husband’s twenty year old SUV in the garage.  It is big, dirty, shakes when you drive it and is a gas hog.  BUT, at that moment I gave thanks to God for providing us with not one but TWO reliable vehicles for our family.  I broke it down even more… thank you God for air conditioning in our cars, for helping us to have them paid off years ago, for them needing minimal work each year, and for the wonderful utility of our own transportation.

I have a feeling God loves hearing gratitude from us for the biggest thing to the smallest thing.  What are you grateful for and why?

love, brooke

Lent Day 11

This clutter of this space annoys me so much.  Sadly, I can’t blame it on anyone but little ol’ me.  It’s next to my side of the bed and my personal catch all place for books, journals, bags and apparently headphones (which is odd considering I never wear headphones in bed).


love, brooke

Lent Day 10

This is our catch-all table.  Not to be confused with an end table nor dining room table.  It seems it’s sole purpose is to catch-all the random junk and occasionally we eat at it if there is room.  I’m guessing others have a catch all table?  If so, please share.  Catch-all table owners unite.  👊🏼

Before and after.


love, brooke

Control P


Today was a big milestone in my writing.  Something I wrote, created, and edited was sent to a printer to be distributed to others!  I realize that this may not sound like much, but for me it’s major.  My work will be put in others’ hands this weekend to be used for a small group session.  I wrote this 4 week session with the intent of it being used for this study.

I’m thankful to those who’ve read through it, offered encouragement and helpful feedback!  Praying big things over this little study!

I realize it’s a baby step for many to hit Control P but for me it’s an EEK! step.

What have you done recently that has made you say EEK! ?

learn, brooke