For some reason I’ve taken on three new actions for Lent.  I call these actions as I’m not really “giving anything up”.

1.  Technically, I guess I’m giving this up… but I should have already… no using my phone while driving.  I’m sure most people would say they don’t text and drive but they are liars.  Even using your phone at a stop light is distracted driving- so I’m putting my phone out of reach while driving.

2.  I’m adding a Lenten prayer journal to my day.  This will be a daily list of praises, requests and moments of awe to God each day.  I’m also excited that ten friends are also joining me in this endeavor. But really, I’m most excited to see/track how God responds to these prayers in the coming weeks.

3.  I’m going to organize one area of my home each day.  I remember reading a Bethenny Frankel book several years ago about organizing life and she suggested starting small- one drawer or surface at a time.  In general, I like to think that I’m an organized person but recently the junk has taken over. I’m hoping to post updates here as a form of accountability.  So… here is my first clean up area- our main shoe rack!





What are you doing for Lent?

love, brooke

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