Update on my Lenten Trifecta:

  1.  I tried to use my phone at a red light today and reminder myself that it has to be completely out of reach while driving so I’m not tempted.  This is probably a good metaphor for sin that I’ll explore one day when I’more rested/not a Friday night.
  2. I love doing the prayer journal.  I think it has made me be less anxious this week- which is a welcomed change- especially this week.
  3. I had big plans to attack my master bath vanity to get it organized/cleaned today but it didn’t happen.  So, I went with a less involved task- cleaning out the fruit bowl.  I’m grateful I did because I found a rotten orange in the bag which could have turned into a really bad situation quickly.  Again, probably another sin metaphor that I should explore more.  Instead, I’ll just share my before/after pic.


Finally, keeping track of this organization challenge via this blog is great accountability.  I want to have a good record to revisit in 40 days!

I hope your Lent practices are going well!

love, brooke

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