We are a little over a week into Lent and I wanted to share some of my reflections.

  1.  The daily prayer journal is going well and I’m finding myself praying more throughout the day.  I’m finding small things to be grateful for and thanking God for them in that moment.  Today, I was walking into my garage, and I thanked God for our two reliable cars.  Many people may not consider them fancy but more would be grateful to fully own them.  There will always be new, nicer cars to drive but the utility of getting from A to B is the same no matter what you are driving.  I’m grateful for not one but two cars in our garage.
  2. I’ve been sliding into trying to use my phone while driving again.  It’s easiest to ignore when my phone is in my purse on the floor- out of arm’s reach.  But, if I’m using it to play music in my car speakers then it becomes a distraction, so I’m still working on that.
  3. My organization effort is going ok.  Today, I cleaned out my wallet.  You don’t get a pic because a) I don’t want you to see my (inaccurate) weight on driver’s license b) see my credit card number.

love and laugh, brooke

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