As you know, I have been doing a daily prayer journal during the Lent.  I am beginning to notice that I am finding gratitude in the smallest details and thanking God for them in those moments.

In general, I know we are all thankful for our food and usually bless it before each meal.  But, a friend of mine got me thinking about that food.  Someone had to grow it, someone had to process it, someone had to package it, someone had to deliver it, someone had to stock the shelves, someone had to accept my payment for it, and then it came to my house to be consumed.  That is a lot of somebodies to help get that food on my plate.

Many nights when I am warm and tucked into bed, I give God thanks for my house.  It is safe, dry, and warm.  But, if I go deeper with the gratitude, I am reminded that it has running water, nice furniture, plenty of linens, a gas fireplace, is in a safe location, and we have nice neighbors.

Last week, I was headed out the door to our garage take my son to school (like I do 5 days a week).  I saw my husband’s twenty year old SUV in the garage.  It is big, dirty, shakes when you drive it and is a gas hog.  BUT, at that moment I gave thanks to God for providing us with not one but TWO reliable vehicles for our family.  I broke it down even more… thank you God for air conditioning in our cars, for helping us to have them paid off years ago, for them needing minimal work each year, and for the wonderful utility of our own transportation.

I have a feeling God loves hearing gratitude from us for the biggest thing to the smallest thing.  What are you grateful for and why?

love, brooke

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