19- Junk in the Trunk

I drive my car almost every single day but I never think about cleaning out the trunk.  I just drive it full of random things all over this great city.  But, on Friday, while at the car wash (where I clean the rest of my car twice a month), I finally showed my trunk some love.  I managed to clean out the trash, move a few things around, and get out the unecessary items.  AND it got some vacuum love.  Feels good to have a little less junk in my trunk!

Day 20- Spiritual Reorganizing

We spent a wonderful weekend on our church retreat.  It was nice to give my brain a day off from decision fatigue (a common issue for most mothers).  It was nice to have someone else cook for me, do the dishes, plan activities for my son, and allow me time to focus on my own spiritual life.  We had a couple of sessions that forced us to examine our spiritual lives to determine where we are strongest and where we should focus more attention to become more well rounded.

Day 21-

That was today- and even though I cleaned up some, did laundry and exercised twice- I have nothing to report except my prayer journaling is going well and my no phone in the car efforts aren’t going well.  Back to tucking it farther away tomorrow.  You can always count on me to keep it real.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

love, brooke

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