As a child, Mother’s Day was always a special day with family.  We’d spend time celebrating my mom and Myma, my grandmother.  The men would take as all out to a nice lunch after church.  We’d present mom and Myma with “precious” home made gifts ranging from a card to a craft or some “gem” we had bought on our own.

After lunch, my mom would come home for a nap and my dad would take over as “mom” the rest of the day.  Mom would place a sign on her door that says “Do not touch this door unless you are bleeding or throwing up”.  I never really understood this sign until I became a mom.

For a while in my married life, I never wanted to become a mom.  Married life was so good- filled with sleep, travels, and lots of time together.  I couldn’t imagine upsetting this beautiful life with the responsibility of a child!

IMG_2055Just after our third wedding anniversary, I felt my heart starting to change.  It was quiet at first but slowly got louder and louder.  I didn’t want to tell Peck about my new found sentiment because I was worried he might not be on board.  It took me a few months to finally fess up to my feelings.  It was June 2011 and we were wrapping up a trip in Europe.  Holding hands, we walked down a beautiful old street in Vienna.  I told him that God had been changing my heart and I thought I might want to be a mommy one day- in the not so near future.  It was an emotional moment that my sweet husband embraced so well.  He hugged me and told me what a wonderful mom I’d be and that he’d love to see me become one.  I don’t know why I was afraid to tell him.  That man is a saint!

IMG_2056To our surprise, several months later, we found out that I was pregnant.  I remember taking the home test and being convinced there was no way I was pregnant as the timer ticked down.  This was just a necessary routine before leaving for a bachelorette party weekend while Peck went to San Fran.  If I was pregnant, I wanted to know before I subjected myself to a weekend of margaritas, Jell-O shots, and other bad decisions.

When I first read the test, I thought the result instructions were wrong.  It said I was pregnant- so I had to call Peck in for a second opinion to make sense of this little sheet.

As he looked at the test and smiled, every possible emotion set in.  😳😍😯😭😬🤞🏼🙈😩😊😆😁😐😱😑😏😝🤑🙏🏼😭 … were just a few of them.  We were laying on the couch together and I was full on sobbing.  I’ve never been so surprised by something with that many emotions at one time.  He hugged me through it all and was so happy.  Just pure happiness.  My stable and loving husband was just the rock I needed.

20120829_Peck_130On my first Mother’s Day as a mom, 2013, my husband knocked it out of the park with best gift he has ever given me.  A framed photo of the street in Vienna where I first told him that I wanted to be a mom.  That, accompanied with a sweet card, made me cry so much.  It had come full circle.  Receiving that gift from my generous husband while celebrating the day with my mom and my sweet little boy, is my favorite Mother’s Day memory so far.

IMG_4415As I think about Mother’s Day today, I also think of my mom friends.  The women who I get to share the ups and downs of being a mom with each week.  The amount of respect I have for them is ginormous.  They care for their families, working hard and sacrificing frequently- but still have enough love to share with me and my son.  I’m grateful for their friendship, encouragement, and love today… and every day.

JB, thank you for making me a mommy.  I had no idea how much love my heart was capable of until you came in to our lives!

Mom, thank you for teaching me how to love so freely.  And for your good genes.

IMG_3298Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, step moms, foster moms, fur baby moms, mom friends, and grandmas!

love, brooke

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