This month has been filled with doctor appointments, co-pays and urgent care visits for my family.  In total, we have seen one nurse practitioner and seven doctors!!! Our ailments have been all over the place. I’m tired of waiting rooms, doctors, and filling prescriptions. Today, I wrapped up a month filled with health issues with an unplanned, painful biopsy. Before you stress, know that I’m going to fully recover but am just tired of feeling like a pin cushion.

Whenever I’m over something and feeling down, I take stock in where I should be grateful. Today, I’m thankful for good insurance, quality healthcare, and supportive friends/family. Life is always going to have ups and downs. I’m trying my best to find some ups even when I’m most down.  

Prayers during difficult times also help lift me up.  Obviously, I’m praying about my situation but also feel the prayers of others.  Even though it can be uncomfortable to share your burdens with others, I’ve learned that true friends don’t mind at all.  They will happily lift you up in prayer and cheer you along in life’s journey.

What helps cheer you up when you are down?

live & love, brooke

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