JB wrapped up his summer swim team season with the biggest swim meet in the country. Georgia Tech hosted this huge event in their pool that was built for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

I want to give a shout out to all the parents/caregivers of swimmers! We have all spent countless hours and dollars on lessons to prep for today!

To the parents who…

1. Carefully planned and thought through what to pack their swimmer for a long meet.

2. Took off work to be at the meet.

3. Set their alarms WAY too early to get kids out the door on time for the morning meet.

4. Pre bought $12 parking passes. 🙄

5. Fought rush hour traffic to get to midtown.

6. Worked a bullpen and organized so many kids in such tight spaces.

7. Sat way up high and screamed their heads off.

8. Couldn’t make it to the meet but were cheering their swimmers on from work.

9. Drove other kids to and from the meet.

10. Worked in various volunteer roles to make sure everything went (mostly) smooth.

11. Ran out of storage on their phone with all the pics and videos to share with others who couldn’t make it.

No matter which situation you are in above- You all are amazing and deserve lots of beer to celebrate surviving the chaos of summer swim team season! Oh, and maybe a nap too 😴

Side note- I am blown away by how well the kids did! A few months ago, JB was terrified to swim in that pool (that’s so deep and huge) that he didn’t even want to do it. To be honest, I had to give him a little nudge (physically) to get in the pool for the warm up swim. But, when it was time for the real events, he did not hesitate! He set new PRs in both freestyle and back stroke. So proud of his progress, commitment and hard work! And as an added bonus, his team took first place! Go Dolphins!

Happy Summer!


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