This 4th of July weekend, I was able to take a quick trip down to the GA Coast without my son and husband.  Of course, I was hesitant to leave but knew they’d have a good time without me. What I didn’t realize, was how freeing my time away would be.

I knew my life was pretty rigid with schedules, routines, meal times, and bedtimes.  But this brief hiatus from the clock, was so freeing. It was a level of freedom I had been craving and didn’t even realize.  

The clock didn’t matter.  I wasn’t worried about what meal was next, what needed to be prepped, nor when was bedtime.  I ate when I wanted, slept when I wanted, and watched lots of tennis without worrying about the time.

The mental load went away.  So much of my life (especially when on a trip my son) is filled with making decisions for our family.  I feel like I am always having to anticipate what’s next:

Do I unload dishes now or later?

Should we eat watermelon or strawberries?

Should we use regular or paper plates?

Does JB need a bath or shower?

Should I scramble or fry eggs for Peck?

Do we try to get JB to nap or not?

What’s for snack?
Which shoes will he need?

When should we reapply his sunscreen?

Should I wake him or let him sleep?  

Is he going to sit on the couch in a wet bathing suit?

This constant need to figure out what’s next and weighing pros/cons of decisions is exhausting.  My husband and I frequently talk about the stress of the mental load but I didn’t realize my quick weekend away would hit pause on it.  Now, my challenge is how to figure out how to enjoy this freedom more frequently without having to be solo and out of town (or maybe I should do that more?!).

Have you experienced freedom in an unexpected way?

XOXO, brooke

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