After experiencing a fire in her family’s home, Akshita Iyei set off to prevent the same thing from happening to other families. 

As the rest of our homes are getting smarter with connected speakers, thermostats, and tvs, stove top technology is lagging behind.  That realization coupled with stove top fires being the number one cause of home fires each year made Akshita realize that something needed to change.  

Enter: inirv

Inirv’s knobs can replace 90% of the stove top knobs currently in homes across the country.  They connect to your mobile device via the inirva app which allows you to set up auto shut off times, adjust temperature, and connect to recipes.  

Currently, inirv is being sold directly to consumers with future plans to sell directly to apartment complexes and retirement communities.  They are also working with insurance companies to collect data and potentially provide a premium discount for installing inirv your home’s kitchen.


$99 buys you one knob

$279 buys you four knobs

For more information on inirv, check out their website.


Congrats to Akshita and the entire inirv team for creating a product that will keep families safe!  And for winning $100,000 investment at Atlanta Start Up Battle 7.0!


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  1. Awesome technology! My mom had to take the knobs off of her stove so that my stepfather (with Alzheimer’s) wouldn’t turn it on in the middle of the night. I see so many wonderful uses for this!


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