Brooke is a lover of life… family, friends, cold beer, and being next to any body of water.  She enjoys entertaining, writing, playing tennis, traveling, and being outdoors.

Her philosophy is that life is better when surrounded by others to help support one another through the ups and downs.  As a result, she is passionate about creating and maintaining deep relationships.  The key to this is being honest and vulnerable about one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  She has found that being real with others allows them to feel comfortable with being authentic as well and this honesty quickly strengthens bonds.

Much of her writing is about life observations but she also hopes to encourage your faith, offer grace to yourself, and think differently about others.  In addition to her blog, she has also written small group discussion guides, Sunday school lessons, and book studies.

As her writing has expanded, she has been asked to lead discussions on a variety of topics.  These include the importance of being connected to your self, being confident about saying no to others, the value of the self care, building closer relationships, and focusing on your strengths.  She is open to sharing these talks with other groups as well.

Brooke also writes as a source of encouragement.  She knows how hard it is to be a parent, wife and friend.  We all need a dose of grace every so often and brooke hopes to encourage more of that.

Thank you for being here.