About brooke


brooke is a lover of life… family, friends, food, exercise, Jesus, roasted onions, and being next to any body of water.  She enjoys entertaining, writing, playing tennis, traveling, and being outdoors.  Her favorite love language is a gourmet cheese tray.

In her mind, she is a writer… as she writes things frequently there.  This is an effort to get those things out of her mind to share with others.  With no formal training, brooke felt a call to write.  Much of her writing is about life observations but she also hopes to encourage your faith, offer grace to yourself, and think differently about others.

brooke does not take herself too seriously.  She believes she is funny but her husband may not always agree with that, you can be the judge… so read to laugh.

Sometimes brooke has learned something about herself, God, or others and she wants to share this new found knowledge with others… so read to learn.

brooke also writes as a source of encouragement.  She knows how hard it is to be a mom, wife and servant.  We all need a dose of grace every now and then and brooke hopes to encourage more of that… so read to be loved.

thank you for being here.

love, brooke