I saw this meme several months ago and it really resonated with me.  We are all so addicted to our phones… and many for very few reasons… except that it’s become the norm to always have your phone out and easily accessible.

After I saw this meme, I started taking note of social situations when I did not care where my phone was while I was with my friends.  It felt good to have deep conversations, share laughs, and enjoy a meal without ever consulting my phone.  It also made that friendship seem so much more valuable to me… just because of this little reminder meme.

I love investing in others, sharing truth with them and building an honest relationship.  To me, friendships are the icing (my favorite part) of a life cupcake.  They cause me to look forward to sharing a meal, celebrating life’s exciting parts, and be trusted enough to share the hard parts too.

Remember to take note of where you are and who you are with the next time you don’t care what is going on with your phone.  Build that friendship more and more and your life will be more blessed because of it than it will be by checking your phone.

learn and love, brooke

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