IMG_3673For me, a real estate closing day is a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, nerves, fear, exhaustion, and adrenaline are just a few of the feelings.

The ending of one chapter and start of another is nothing to downplay. In the past, I’ve been so excited about what is to come that I’ve forgotten to reflect on what happened in the “old” home. When I slow down to do this, a flood of memories hits me. We’ve gotten married, adopted a dog, lost a dog, had a baby, lost friends, made friends, dealt with theft and been given so much while in our past homes. I think it’s important to recognize the love that made it a home while still being excited about what’s in store.

Thinking ahead to the new house stirs up a flutter of emotions too. What’s going to break that we aren’t expecting? How much will it cost? What updates make the most sense? Which contractor should we go with? Will JB make new friends on our street? Will he transition ok into a new house/room? Are we going to be able to sell it when we want to? Yes, there are lots of concerns but we are excited to see what God has in store!

We have about four weeks of projects to complete on the new home before we move in. I’m excited to share the process and the projects on this blog.   I’m nervous and hopeful about these next few weeks. However, I know it will feel great to move in after projects are completed instead of moving in now and completing once we close.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement during this time! Oh, and JB starts preK in the middle of this and we are going to Texas for a family wedding. Fingers crossed for everything to go smoothly!

love, brooke

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