We recently visited a friend in Nashville and our son was along for the weekend.  I’ll be honest, what I do in Nashville is usually NOT kid friendly.  Thankfully, with some research, we were able to put together a good weekend agenda!

BoomBozz Craft Pizza & TaphouseIMG_8561

I am not going to lie, I am obsessed with this place.  The food is good, there are a million tvs for watching sports, a huge beer selection AND an attached, outdoor playground!  Beer + a playground is something I have been begging for in Atlanta.  We were there on a Friday night and pretty much everyone there had a kid with them.  It was a great way to kick off our weekend!


IMG_8574Adventure Science Center

This place was a big hit with our STEM loving son!  It’s the perfect combination of learning and fun.  He loved the VR exhibit, the outer space area, and interactive internal body parts activities.  As a view lover, I highly recommend climbing to the top of the indoor play area with your kiddo to enjoy the downtown Nashville views.  Even on a gray day, the climb up (and slide down) was worth it!  Pro Tip- if you are a member of Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta, you can get in free here thanks to membership reciprocity!


Greko Greek Street Food

Y’all, this place was fantastic.  Everything was super fresh and delicious.  They offer counter service and a self serve drink station which is always perfect when dining with the littles.  Plus, the $6 kids meal was a big hit with my son!  I can’t say enough good things about the grilled veggie salad and housemade hummus.

61F114B4-9F12-4531-9661-B242ED02406AJohn Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

All my friends know that I love free, outdoor things to do when we travel.  Well, the pedestrian bridge crossing the Cumberland River checks that box for me in Nashville.  This beautiful bridge connects folks from downtown Nashville to the popular Titans (NFL) stadium.  It offers gorgeous views of the city skyline, the stadium, and the water.  From what I can tell, free parking is frequently available in the lots around Nissan Stadium.

Live Music on Broadway

If your kiddos like live music, then consider taking them to Broadway for some dancing and fun.  Many bars offer all ages (free) admission to a midday/early afternoon shows.  Don’t forget to pack some ear protection, though, it is loud!  For more info on Broadway, check out this previous post.

I hope some of these tips help you plan your next family trip to Nashville!

xoxo, brooke

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