When I was little, birthdays were the BEST day ever.  It felt like a non-stop day all about you… birthday pancakes for breakfast, a special crown to wear at school for the day, a birthday treat from home to share with your class, ice cream after school, whatever dinner you wanted for dinner and a big iced cake for dessert.  Then, you usually had some kind of “big” celebration with your friends- either a party, spend the night, or special experience.  Things have changed a bit as I have gotten older.

Now, there seems to be less emphasis on the day and more on the days around it.  For instance, this year my birthday fell on a Monday- which makes it difficult for celebrating with friends on that day.  So, don’t worry- I started celebrating 9 days earlier with a trip to the GA coast with good friends.  We enjoyed cupcakes on the dock one afternoon and a delicious dinner that evening.  Five days later, we celebrated again at a football tailgate.  Two of our tailgating buds also have my same birthday, so each year we plan something special to celebrate during a tailgate.  Three days later, my family had an impromptu lunch celebration complete with my favorite cake baked in Augusta.  Then, on my actual birthday, my husband took me out to a swanky dinner for a birthday date night.

For me, I like the more spread out celebrations.  It allows me to see more people, spend time with them, and have numerous cakes (HAHA!).  If I would have had a BIG party with all of those people, there is no way I would have been able to talk to everyone as much as I did over the last two weeks.  The celebration of me is nice, but when I look at my life overall, I am most grateful for many good friends, a healthy family, and time to spend with all of them.

What kind of birthday celebration(s) do you prefer and why?

love, brooke

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