1.  Why are pregnancy tests sold next to condoms?
  2. Why are they so expensive?  Do the tests that are sold at the Dollar Tree accurate?  If so, why do we buy a two pack of EPT for $15 when we can buy one for a dollar at the Dollar Tree?
  3. What is the checkout worker thinking when they ring you up for pregnancy tests?  Do you think they are trying to guess if the purchaser wants the test to be negative or positive?
  4. Why do they make the plastic wrap on the test box so difficult to open?  Why do I try to bite it with my teeth to rip the plastic only to get saliva on it and make it more slippery to try to open?  Don’t they realize that anyone taking a test is nervous and has shaky/sweaty hands already?
  5. Why does that 2 minutes take FOREVER to tick down?!

Im not pregnant.  The end.

laugh, brooke

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