After scrolling through social media today, I was reminded of how easy it is to take the perfect Easter photo with your family.  Here it is in 20 simple steps.

  1. Spend hours figuring out what each family member is going to wear.  Comb through closets to try to find something that has bright colors, isn’t stained, doesn’t have holes and might fit.
  2.  Remember to drop off dry cleaning 4 days before Easter Sunday.
  3.  If you are unsuccessful in finding something in closets, visit target and spend way too much money.  Be sure to buy two sizes of each item to find the right fit.  Convince yourself that you will return the unused size… one day.
  4.  Have each family member try on their potential outfits two days before Easter.  This will involve lots of eye rolling, complaining about how shoes fit, and trying to get distracted by a book or cell phone every 30 seconds.
  5.  While potential outfits are laying on a bed, remind family members not to sit nor jump on them.
  6. Hang completed outfits on hangers in doorways so they are easily available for getting dressed.
  7. Over the next 2 days, remember to crouch low so you can still enter your closet without knocking down the chosen Easter outfit.
  8.  Don’t forget to pick up your dry cleaning.  Be mindful of holiday hours/closings so you don’t get stuck without your coveted Easter garments.
  9. On Easter morning, make sure everyone has eaten breakfast before getting dressed to prevent stains.  And for the love of everything, make sure all Easter candy is hidden so hoarders can’t get into it while in their carseats on the way to church.
  10. Take pictures outdoors before going in to church.
  11. Find the perfect photo location requirements… outside, with perfect sun light, a green backsplash or flowers.  Try not to make your family hate you during this time.
  12. Once you find the right spot, try to find someone to take the photo.  Hopefully it can be someone who has held an iphone before and knows “which” button to press.
  13. Try to get your children to look at the camera and smile.  This can happen in a number of ways… swearing, bribing, and saying silly phrases… do what is most effective for your crew.
  14. Look at the photo and try not to offend the “photographer” with how bad it is.  Say something like “oh, it’s great… but do you mind taking two more?” (but really you mean five more)
  15. Repeat step 13 way too many times again.
  16. Thank the “photographer” profusely and wish them a Happy Easter.
  17. Rush your family into church to try to find somewhere IN side the sanctuary for the service and promise to fix the photos in post production.
  18. After church, frantically try to edit the photo while driving the lunch with your family.  Use all the tools you can; including filters and cropping.
  19. Pick the photo where you look the best and your family looks “eh, ok”.
  20. Be sure to crop any body parts out of the photo you don’t like.  Arms and bellies are a good place to start.

And that’s it… only 20 EASY steps to getting the perfect Easter photo! Be sure to post it ASAP on social media.  And if you really want to fit in, title the post with either “Happy Easter!” or “He is risen!”

Easter 2013

Here is my 2013 Perfect Easter Pic

laugh, brooke


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