This actually may be the deal of the century… but I’ll be humble and just call it for the day.  I’m a bargain shopper… I come by it naturally from my mom.  She is always on the hunt for a deal.

I was doing a late night Walgreens run for neosporin and just happened to spot the orange clearance price tag and it said $.03.  Upon further inspection, I realized it was for toe warmers and decided to buy them all to donate to a homeless shelter for next winter (they don’t expire til 2020).  When they rang up, they actually rang up for $.01!  I bought them all- which was only 7- but felt very proud of my deal.

Did you know that socks and first aid supplies are ALWAYS needed by homeless shelters?  Did you know that food pantries always need diapers for babies?  Did you know that food stamps don’t cover toiletries so support organizations always need them?  Did you know that some teen girls stay home from school when they are on their period because they can’t afford feminine supplies?

So, the next time you see any of these items on sale- please keep food pantries or homeless shelters in mind.  Their guests would be so appreciative of your donations!

learn, brooke

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