The reality is our brains are often in a million places not including where they really should be- here, in the moment.  Because of this, groceries get left in the car overnight, pumped milk gets left on the counter, and keys get locked in the car.  In the grand scheme of life, these issues are pretty minor but nonetheless very frustrating.

One of my friends couldn’t find her keys this morning- so she had to Uber to work.  After I heard about her rough morning, I started thinking about all the other things that have happened to me, family members and friends.  Most of these memories are unfortunate when they happened, but now in hindsight, are pretty dang funny.

  1. whoopsOne year for Christmas, we got a lot of fun sporting equipment- roller skates, a ping pong table, and a basketball goal.  My dad set up the basketball goal on the edge of our driveway.  The next day, he backed into it with his truck and the pole was bent pretty badly.
  2. A family member once left one of his two children at a McDonald’s.  Big whoops.  Thankfully, the child was fine… and the dad too, eventually.
  3. At some point in my childhood, I thought there was a mouse in my room because I kept hearing strange noises that were unpredictable.  Four days later, I realized my mom’s pager was in my dresser.  She had only been missing it for a week.
  4. Several years ago, my dad decided to move the mailbox from one side of the driveway to the other.  The next day, he promptly ran over his new mailbox and then put another one back on the original side. (Notice any trends?)
  5. When I was in high school, I was pretty good about losing my keys.  My dad got tired of rescuing me, so he had a spare key made and managed to rig it up underneath my car for emergency situations.  His only caveat was that as soon as I got my original key back, the spare had to be re-rigged underneath the car.  It worked well… more times than I care to count.
  6. In a three year span, I managed to drop two cell phones into toilets.  That’s enough of that expensive memory.
  7. Post college, I had gone to a bar with a friend for a few drinks in Athens, GA.  When we got back to her car, she decided she wanted to wait a while longer before driving and drink some more water.  We sat in her car listening to music and talking.  All of the sudden her car turned off and we couldn’t get it to turn back on.  It was 1AM and her car battery was dead.  Whoops.  Wish I could say I learned my lesson this first time, but this happened to me again in November while there for a football game.  The third time is the charm, right?!
  8. A year ago, I lost my purse and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I had convinced myself I left it on the roof on my car while loading JB into his carseat, then drove off with it on the roof.  I visited the businesses in the shopping center, combed through my house/car many times, and called the on duty security company for the shopping center.  Two days later, I walked into the bathroom in our basement and found it sitting on the kitchen counter.  Ever since that, we are the proud owner of dozens of tiles. (
  9. Last week, I tried to crack some (older) eggs to cook breakfast.  They weren’t cracking, so I decided they were frozen from being in the back of our fridge for so long.  A few hours later, my husband called and wanted to know why I threw his hard boiled eggs in the trash.  Whoops.
  10. On Monday, I left our front door wide open for 4 hours while we went to the zoo.  When I got home, our dog came walking out on the front porch.  And no, he wasn’t wearing his collar that day.  Thankfully, he didn’t realize the door was open til I got home.

I don’t really have lots of advice to give on this topic- just try to realize when you are in the thick of it, realize you will probably look back on this time and laugh.  It’s much more fun than crying.

laugh, brooke

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