When I hear the word emotional- I immediately think of it in a negative way. We use it to generally categorize the un-happy feelings- sadness, grief, anger, or frustration. But, if I’m happy- I usually just say that I’m happy instead of calling it emotional- even though happiness is an emotion too.  

Today was an emotional rollercoaster.  I started the day at church surrounded by our village of close friends. JB and all of his buddies were up on the altar singing and dancing their little hearts out to their VBS songs. I was so happy to see him praising God while having so much fun. I was so happy to be among my friends who worked so hard to make VBS so wonderful for all of our children.  My friends have mad skills- decorating, baking, organizing, planning, leading, and preparing.  I was grateful to be a part of a church that invests in its children through a wonderful week of VBS. As VBS missions coordinator, I was blown away by the faithful donations brought in every single day by VBS campers to support others in our community. Just so much happiness and gratitude at one moment that it hit me hard. I just couldn’t physically contain my emotions anymore and the tears started to come down.  

This afternoon, I was thinking about my dad and my love for him. Of course I started crying again as I thought of this love and gratitude for the effect he has had on my life. Tearfully, I sent him this text:

“Happy Father’s Day daddy. I enjoyed working with you around c shack and crabbing/drinking beer for hours a few weeks ago. Thanks for teaching me the value of hard work. And how to fish. Love you so much!!”

I’ve been trying to embrace my emotions recently. In the past, I’d try to hide them or was ashamed by them. “Come on Brooke, get it together!” But now, I’m realizing that they are a natural part of being self aware. Happy tears can’t flow if I’m not searching for gratitude. Sadness for others is also a gift as I’m able to help carry their burdens. Being sentimental can’t happen if I’m not reflecting on what others mean to me. Writing my “Odes” can be very emotional as I reflect on what someone means to me. But, I’m thankful I’m able to let them know what an affect they have on me and it makes me even more grateful for their presence in my life.

How do you embrace your emotions?

love, brooke

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