Last week was my final packing push before we bought the house.  As predicted, since we have closed, I have been spending long days at the new house painting, cleaning, and shining things up.  I am very happy that so much moving prep has already been done, but living in a moving zone is slightly depressing.  Hopefully, in 4 weeks, I will be much happier about how much less I have to pack and it will make up for living in a half decorated/boxed up house! 

Packing Liquor

I tackled my husband’s liquor cabinet.  This was quite a feat.  The man loves bourbon.  I figured he wouldn’t need ALL of it before we moved.  So, I managed to pack up 32 bottles and only this remains for him to “car carry” to the new house.

Packing the Coat Closet

I am slightly obsessed with these giant wardrobe boxes.  They have a bar in the top, so you can just hang your clothes directly into them.  No need to take off the hanger, fold, and box… only have to rehang once you move.  I got lucky and found these 4 boxes for $9 total from someone who recently moved!

Cleaning Out the Garage

Next up was cleaning out my garage storage area.  It was great because we were able to sort out all of our tools, paint supplies, and other things needed for the new house work.  We put them all together and I’ve been able to slowly bring them to new house as work has been done. Then, we consolidated other boxes and put it back in the storage area all prepped for the movers to move in a few weeks.  It felt good to go through all the stuff that we have just been storing for the last two years and remember what we have.  Plus, it saved a good bit of money on not buying supplies for new house since we already found/have them.

Cleaning Out the Medicine Cabinet

I went through all of our medicines and pulled out anything that has expired.  Then I separated out JB’s meds, adult meds, and the first aid supplies.  My organizer took the old medicine to be recycled appropriately.  It felt great to be able to see/access everything so much easier!

Organizing Jewelry

Everyone knows I have tons of diamonds and it can be overwhelming to organize.  NOT!  More like, I have lots of cheap, costume jewelry from Target that needs to be cleaned out every few years.  Plus, I wanted to go ahead and pack as much of it as I can.  

Organizing Memories

I realized I have been keeping JB’s photos and artwork all over the house.  We worked to put it together in one box.  Mentally, it feels much better to know where it all is being stored.  My memories also needed to be organized together and to remember what all I have.  

I have a wonderful box of my grandparent’s UGA memories from them going to all the football games in the 70’s and 80’s.  Their tailgate group was even featured on the front page of the Athens Banner Herald!  It was fun to look through those memories!

What I am learning through this process…

I am self motivated to do a good bit of this cleaning out and packing.  But, the things that I have continually back burnered and that cause me to want to crawl in a hole… I have recruited my organizer’s help for those projects.  For instance, the garage storage area… yuck.  It’s hot out there, lots of bugs, and heavy boxes.  But with her help, we were able to knock it out in an hour!!  If I had been on my own, it would have taken probably 3-4 hours and would have been much less pleasant.  I also have ad a box of real estate paperwork from 5 years ago that I have been moving all over this great city with us.  It’s a box that needs to be shredded.  So, when I told her about it, she suggested we sit down and shred it right then.  It took us about 15 minutes but it felt so good to get rid of those files and no longer move them to a new house!

learn, brooke

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