Dear Mom,

Thanks for birthing me, your first born baby girl (that was supposed to be a boy) via emergency c section.  I am glad dad could be there too.

Thanks for the (almost) mullet haircuts as a child and teen.  Thanks to them, I have only kissed two guys.

Thanks for making sure I always had my white gloves for Social.  Those damn things were hard to keep up with.

Thanks for teaching me to cook for a crew.  To this day, it is still hard to plan a meal for only two people.

Thanks for watching my long, drawn out tennis matches and sacrificing your nails as a result.

Thanks for being here when I had JB.  Although, I am still upset that you left three days later.  Why couldn’t you have stayed for six months?

Thanks for taking me to play at Warren Road park while you walked laps on the trail.  I will always remember you picking up a piece of pine straw for each lapped walked so you’d remember them all.

Thanks for teaching me how to write a letter whenever you saw injustice.  You taught me that change is possible and I still remember that daily.

Thanks for teaching me how to drive a stick shift at sixteen.  I will never forget stalling out 46 times on that hill on Christmas Day.  I am glad you finally switched seats with me as traffic backed up behind us.

Thanks for loving Myma so much.  Even though she rarely told you, she called you “the best friend she ever had” in secret.

Thanks for driving me back to middle school to get my books three days in a row because I forgot them and needed them for homework.

Thanks for always letting my friends come over to hang out.  I thought it was because you were cool but now I know that you liked to know who was important in my life.

Thanks for always buying me those super expensive Hanes “Quick Silver” panty hose for FCCLA.  They always completed my flight stewardess uniform perfectly.

Thanks for giving me your legs.  So far, so good.

Thanks for taking me to Roses to buy those knock off brand brown suede shoes.  They made me more confident in 5th grade than you will ever know.

Thanks for always setting an alarm so you wouldn’t oversleep from your nap to pick us up in time from school.

Thanks for being my mommy, loving me always, and always cheering for me.

Happy 60th!



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