img_0926I love to travel but I refuse to spend the majority of my travel budget on a hotel room.  Obviously, staying somewhere safe and clean is important, but it’s hard to fork out lots of dough for a place that you won’t be awake in for very long.  Plus, we all know saving money for lots of good food and drinks is very important!


Here are my money saving hotel tips:

  1. Start checking prices with your favorite travel search engine (ie: Expedia,, kayak, etc)  if you don’t have an allegiance to a certain hotel company.  But, don’t book through that site.
  2. Once you find where you want to stay, go directly to its website for the best pricing.
  3. Don’t assume that the top prices are the best rates.  In fact, they are often tucked away at the bottom.


Exhibit A (from


Once you click “more from $119”, then you see Exhibit B:

You’d think that since your travel dates are more than two nights, this $119 rate would be at the top of your results.  But, it’s not.  Moral of the story: do not assume that the first prices you see are the best.  Spend a few minutes scrolling down to check for better pricing!

Happy travels and happy wallets!

learn, brooke

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