We are only on day 4 of January but it feels like its been weeks!

So far, it’s full of rain, grey and general dreariness.  The sun disappears for days on end and no matter how much Vitamin D I ingest, I still feel bleh.  

The cheery Christmas spirit is gone and the dread of taking down its decorations is in full effect.  Why did I think it was a good idea to put up 3 trees?

We were so busy in December with non stop get together and parties.  But now, our social calendars are empty which is a brutal realization after such a fun December.  

Also, everywhere you look are messages telling you that you need to lose weight, work out more, buy a Peloton, or get new workout clothes.  And yes, maybe my yoga pants are a bit more stretched after the holidays, but the constant reminders that I need to do xyz to be a better version of me is downright annoying.

I know that January will suck and does suck each year, so this year I came up with a plan:

  1. Get outside and walk every day, even if it’s raining.  The fresh air is good for me, as is the cardio. But honestly, the change of scenery is really the best for me.
  2. Don’t make any crazy decisions/plans/changes.  Just take things slowly and know that big changes are best made over a long, slow time period versus quick and fast.
  3. Get out and about… so far we have been wearing out our Fernbank membership.
  4. I planned a fun trip for the end of January with some friends.  This is giving me something to look forward to!

What are you doing to survive this month?

keepin’ it real, brooke


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