My great city is playing host to the Super Bowl next Sunday!  We may not have tickets to the big game but there was no reason we can’t go enjoy some of the fan fare in our city.  One event, Super Bowl LIVE, kicked off this weekend at Centennial Olympic Park and it’s a huge, FREE event!

The majority of the things to do are interactive exhibits at each sponsor’s booth.  Our favorite spots were Tostitos Cantina (DJ with games and free chips and salsa!), NASA’s exhibit with the future Mars Vehicle and the LRV, and Bridgestone’s exhibit with a foam pit, photo opp, and football tire toss.

The biggest draw for the event is the live music agenda that was curated by Jermaine Dupri which prominently features Georgia acts.  The stage is huge and the acts got everyone moving!  Here is the link to see who else is performing over the next week.




The other big draw is the 25 feet tall Lombardy trophy replica.  It is probably the biggest photo opp from either the base of it or the ground.  It randomly “goes off” with confetti flying through the air to mimic the players experience after winning the real trophy.






Pro Tips (if you go):

  1.  Check out the map beforehand.  There are only two entrances and limited exits.  All entrances have metal detectors and bag checks before you can enter.
  2. Drinks are expensive ($4 water, $6 gatorade, $10 Bud Light).  So prepare accordingly.
  3. Parking in the area is similar to other events img_1024downtown- lots of small lots with prices ranging from $15-40 (at least that was what it was today, Sunday Jan 27th… no guarantees as the big game gets closer).  We chose to Uber for ease.
  4. There is some app that they want you to download… but its not mandatory.  But, some of the sponsored booths require you to download their app in order to do the activity.
  5. There is premium seating for the concerts for Verizon customers.  Look up the deets.

Hats off to Atlanta for planning such a fun, free event!


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