I’ve always wanted to go to White Water… and it finally happened today! My son and I had a great time together and I wanted to share a few tips.

1. Get there early. The security check lines are open before the park is open. They do not allow any outside beverages nor food and do a very thorough check of your bags before you may enter the park.

2. Secure a chair for your belongings. Be mindful of current shade and the potential for future shade of this is important for you. Also think about where you/your child might like to play the most and be close to that.

3. Hit the most popular rides first before the lines get long. I recommend doing Runaway River or Bahama Bob Slide first. Both are family friendly rides in large tubes.

4. Get lunch early or be prepared to wait in long lines. There aren’t that many full service restaurants so keep that in mind. But, there are lots of snack/dip n dot/icee shops.

img_3840-15. There are not enough tubes for the lazy river nor the wave pool. If you hang out near the exits, you can secure a tube from someone who is leaving. Blue tubes are for lazy river and clear are for the wave pool. Tube rentals are also available for $8 if you want to be sure you have your own tube.

6. The kiddie areas, lazy river and wave pool all tend to be really crowded. Keep in mind there are other areas of the park that aren’t quite as busy.


7. We had no problems wearing Chacos and Tevas on all the rides. Flip flops must be carried by hand on many rides. We also wore hats on most rides and my sunglasses. To be honest, I recommend wearing shoes. The bathroom floors get gross, along with random bandaids on stairs, and the ground gets hot!

8. Invest in a waterproof bag to wear. I carried my phone with me throughout the park along with our season passes, a credit card and some cash. The bag worked perfectly! I plan to use it again on the boat this summer.

I hope my tips help you on your next trip to White Water!

learn, brooke

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