Last week was nothing short of epic.  I had never traveled with just my sisters… and we decided to do so in an over the top California road trip!

Day One

I flew into LAX (Los Angeles) at 10:15AM and jumped in an Uber immediately to meet up with my sisters at The Grove.  I tossed my luggage in Alex’s car and we all headed to the Price is Right! It was a full on, high energy hour and a half of my life.  In fact, it requires an entire blog post of it’s own… so stay tuned!

Day Two

We were staying so close to Runyon Canyon, that I decided to head that way first thing.  My sisters were hesitant for me to leave the hotel alone, but it was 100% safe and SO COOL!  I am not going to lie, the hike was INTENSE. My legs were shaking from climbing up the stairs but the views just kept getting better and better!

Next up, we headed to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood!

We loaded up the car and hit the road towards Santa Monica.  I navigated us along the scenic route (Santa Monica Blvd) so we went through the heart of West Hollywood (all the Bravo lovers will love knowing that we went past PUMP) and through the middle of Beverly Hills.

Santa Monica was gorgeous!  Even on a Wednesday, the beach was hopping!  We spent some time on the pier enjoying the sites, eating lunch (the fish and chips at The Albright are delicious) and enjoyed riding the ferris wheel which is a great way to see the beach!

We hit the road again along Hwy 1 towards Malibu.  Alex brought all of us scarves for our hair, so we rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, and turned up the music.  We listened to Miley Cyrus’ Malibu several times.  

We rolled into Pismo Beach around 4:30 PM.  Just in time for happy hour… beach front. We checked into the Sandcastle Inn… which is just precious and I would highly recommend.  The beach is just so beautiful and the sunset was nothing short of magical. The local hefeweizen was pretty good too.

Post sunset dinner was at Ada’s Fish House.  It was scrumptious. The sourdough bread and soft butter was perfection upon arrival.  I also loved the brussel sprouts. But, I am obsessed with brussel sprouts.

Day 3

Alex and I biked all over cute little Pismo Beach.  The weather was perfection and we found some freshly made cinnamon rolls (Old West Cinnamon Rolls) that were pretty tasty. 

Then we loaded up the car again to head towards Silicon Valley to Alex’s apartment. Alex said she had a birthday surprise for me that evening.  She tried to convince me it was a tour of a llama farm OR tickets to a community production of Fiddler on the Roof. As we were almost to her house, she told me we were going to San Francisco THAT NIGHT to see Mumford and Sons- one of my favorite bands!  I managed to talk her into spending the night in the city and we set off on an epic night out in the city!

We checked into the Hotel Adagio in Union Square then got ready for the night out.  Since we hadn’t really planned to stay the night, our clothing options were hilarious.  I ended up wearing her dress and she wore my kimono. We headed to the 46th floor of the Hilton Hotel for happy hour with a spectacular view.  Then we went to Fang for a fantastic Chinese dinner. The brownie beef was just so so so GOOD. The concert was just amazing.

The Chase Center had been open for less than two weeks and was so shiny and clean.  We loved the interactive art at the entrance and art indoors. The music sounded great and I loved dancing to my favorite songs. Such a wonderful night with my sissy celebrating my birthday!!

Day 4

We both slept like rocks and woke up to another gorgeous day in San Francisco.  I decided that I wanted to see as much of the Presidio and Golden Gate Park as possible in three hours, so renting bikes seemed like the best mode of transportation.  I looked at a map and just estimating that the trip would be 5 miles. Man, was I wrong.  

We Ubered to Golden Gate Park to pick up our bikes.  (Pro tip: search Groupon whenever you travel to get good deals on attractions/activities).  Once we were all set up on our rides, we hit the road through the mostly flat park. As we exited the park and started to head towards the Golden Gate Bridge, our first hill greeted us.  This is when Alex started to hate me. I was so grateful that I have been working out so much prior to the trip including several spin bike workouts. Even with those classes under my belt, I still had to get off and walk the bike several times.  

(side noteI think this candid shot of me is hilarious)

Our first pit stop was at Point Lobo.  It’s just amazing. I can’t wait to go back with JB and hike all the trails.  

Next, we kept climbing to the top of Vista Del Mar to head towards Baker Beach and the Presidio.  Finally, we started seeing views of the Golden Gate bridge and loved every minute of it. Alex wasn’t hating me anymore because our hard work was paying off and because I bought her a really good chocolate chip cookie.

Once we reached the bridge, we continued our journey towards Fisherman’s Wharf with views of Alcatraz.  We wrapped up our bike tour and visited Pier 39 before heading back to the hotel for a much needed shower and to pack up and head out.


Our bike journey ended up being closer to 12 miles than the 5 that I originally estimated. 😳🤪🤣

Back in Mountain View, we took a well deserved nap then enjoyed live music and dinner downtown.  

Day 4

I managed to sleep past 6AM this day for the first time during the whole trip.  I packed up and we headed to San Jose for a quick brunch with my sweet cousin in law before flying home.  The Table has a great brunch and $10 bottomless mimosas!

I can’t believe how much we squeezed into 5 days and 4 nights!  As I am approaching my 35th birthday, I keep thinking YOLO- You Only Live Once.  I have no idea when/if I will ever be back in California with both sisters and doing whatever we want whenever we want.  We woke up early, went hard all day and slept like champs at night, then woke up to do it all over again. So grateful for spontaneity, lots of laughs, dance moves, great food, and feeling fit enough to do so much!

I ❤️ my sisters!

Xoxo, brooke

An overview of our journey from LA to SF!

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