Today, I have felt weighed down by the concerns of close friends. Two friends have loved ones in the hospital and are unsure of when/if they will get to come home. Other close confidants are traveling for major work projects that will have long, impacting decisions to be made during them.

I have been carrying these concerns with me since last night. I tossed and turned all night and found myself praying all night as a result. My body wishes it could do more… perhaps something physical to help my close friends. But, all I can do is pray. That makes it sound so minuscule when I know it’s not. Lifting these situations up in prayer is helping take the burden off my loved ones.

At one point today, I felt it was all too much for me to emotionally carry… so I asked for help. I asked my close friends to also be in prayer for these situations. And do you know what happened? My load felt lighter. Sharing concerns with believers helps unite us all and understand how we can all help make one another’s burdens less heavy.

So friends, when you feel you can’t carry anymore- ask for help, ask for prayers or ask for encouragement. True friends will consider it an honor to help you carry your burdens. They will feel honored that you trust them enough to cover you in prayer. In return, you will feel less cumbersome and more at peace.

learn and love, brooke


  1. Very well put! It takes a village for many reasons!

    In the Catholic Church we have a tradition of physical sacrifice for prayer intentions. You see it collectively during Lent (when everyone is called to make a sacrifice in memory of Jesus’ for us), but often we do it individually at other times as well. I’ve been offering my workouts for my sister, who has cancer. My friend often gives up big things (sweet tea, Netflix etc) when her friends have major events happening in their lives. For some people it’s as simple as I really don’t want to do these dishes or laundry, so I’m going to do it for such and such prayer intention. It can be a powerful form of prayer. And can help you feel as though you are “doing something”.

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